Tips on Cutting Thinning Hair for Men

Men with thinning hair need special care for their hairstyles, as they need to work against the look of going bald or anything in their haircuts which will make their thin hair or scalp stand out. There are a variety of haircuts and strategies that stylists should employ when cutting thinning hair on men, using the dimensions of the face and head to help give them the right look.

Short is Long

Sometimes cutting hair on men whose hair is thinning actually makes them appear like they have more hair on their heads. The sparse patches of hair will merge with the shorter more complete patches of hair, especially if the sparser patches are left a bit longer and the other patches are cut shorter. The appearance of the hair will be shorter as it will reduce the light which will reflect off the scalp in the thinner areas, drawing more attention to it. The hairline should be even and almost sculpted, drawing attention away from the thinning areas of the head.

Middle to Sides

For men who have thin hair on the top of their heads, that hair should be left longer when cut and short on the sides. This will translate to a variety of hairstyles, namely the fohawk, but is a cut that can be styled to cover the thinning areas of the hair, with the proper products. The better products for thinning hair styles are creams, as opposed to styling gels which will clump hair together and reveal more of the thin spots on the head. This is as integral as a good haircut when you have thinning hair, because without the proper product that gives the hair volume, the best haircut in the world won't cover those thin spots.

Buzzcuts and No Hair

One idea to run by the man with thinning hair could be cutting all the hair off completely, or buzzing it to an very short length. If someone has an attractive head for that look, then a buzz cut can be a very good look, allowing the head and the face to play a real part in the appearance. This may be a bit of a gamble, but if it works it's quite liberating and is easy to deal with, not requiring any creams or gels to make it look right.