Tips to Get a Man to Ask You to Marry Him

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Every holiday or unusual outing leaves you feeling he's about to ask that one big question. Feeling anxious is a common feeling for those waiting for a marriage proposal - or fearing that one may never come. While you cannot force your boyfriend to pop the question, there are things you can do to help him along in the process.

Talking it Out

You may be sitting idly by, hoping he'll know your intentions for your future together -- but your boyfriend may have no idea. Arrange a time to discuss what you want for your future. You might talk about when you would like to be married, as well as ask him his own timeline for marriage, according to the article, "When Will He Propose? How Long Should I Wait?" No matter how this conversation unfolds, avoid issuing ultimatums, which can cause more tension between the two of you.

Managing Expectations

The thought of popping the question can be daunting -- price tags associated with the engagement ring and wedding may make a man hesitant to propose. If you know that saving up is your boyfriend's primary concern, helping him pick out potential engagement rings or researching wedding venues may relieve him, according to The Knot article entitled, "7 Ways to Get Him to Propose." Agreeing to save up for a future wedding together or to trim certain wedding-related expenses may also make an engagement more likely, according to's article, "When Will He Propose? How Long Should I Wait?"

Reassuring Him

Other issues can also influence your boyfriend's decision to propose. A previous divorce or broken engagement, ongoing problems in your relationship and fears about a loss of freedom can all play a role, according to the article entitled, "A Little Thing Called Fear of Commitment." Getting a book related to his fears or attending premarital counseling together may help you resolve these concerns -- and it may help convince him to propose.

Moving Forward

Some things may indicate that your boyfriend will never pop the question. If he always has a new reason not to propose, and his excuses are not plausible, it may be time to move on. A boyfriend who struggles to stay monogamous or expects his partner to be perfect may also be an unlikely contender for marriage, according to's article, "A Little Thing Called Fear of Commitment." In that case, it's time to forget this one and look for someone who will be ready for commitment.