Timex Watch Problems

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Timex is well-known for its dependable line of watches. Timex watches include digital watches, stop watches and chain style watches. Both men and women wear Timex watches. Even though people are familiar with Timex for their durability and longevity, some problems have surfaced with these watches. Some of these problems include the watch stopping or the second hand jumping around. Fortunately, it’s easy to solve these problems by taking them to a manufacture or to a watch maker.


Timex has been a worldwide watch manufacturer since 1941. The firm's first item was the Waterbury Clock. It was an affordable timepiece for Americans. In the 1900s, they progressed on to the pocket watch. It only cost $1.00. In the 1930s and 1940s was when Timex started focusing on wrist watches.

In the 1960s was when Timex introduced their first women’s line of watches. Ever since, they have progressed with digital watches and night-light watches.


Timex watches have many functions. It all depends on the type of watch the person has. Some watches tell just the time, while others may give the day and date. Most Timex watches today are digital, but people can still find the analog watches.

Timex has a line of outdoor watches that are more technologically advanced. They will have a thermometer, barometer, compass, and tide tracker. As mentioned before, these watches may come with a night-light.


Timex watches come equipped with plenty of features. For example, their digital watches will have a wide face. Their Easy Reader watches are perfect for those who are hard of seeing. These analog watches will have a larger face and number display.

Features will also depend if it’s a men’s or women’s watch. Most ladies analog watches will have diamond and crystal accents. There are different bands to choose from such as leather or canvas. Timex also has their classic strap watches.

Types of Problems

Some of these problems with Timex watches relate to failure. The watch could end up stop working on its own. The battery is not the cause of the problem, even if the consumer changed it.

Another problem could be relative to the watch’s hands, if it’s an analog watch. The hands could start jerking around or stop completely. These are typical problems with watches, especially if the consumer has worn them for quite some time.

One last problem with Timex watches is that the strap could have broken off.


Timex covers the watches for at least a year. If the watch has broken or failed within that year, the consumer can return it to Timex without any charges for repairs. They will have to pay the $8.00 charge for shipping and handling.

Repair costs will vary on the type of watch, if it’s no longer under the warranty. If it’s impossible to fix the watch, Timex will replace it for a similar model.