How to Tie Someone Up

Many see bondage as an erotic art form while others view it as a means of self-defense. Whether you are practicing a way to keep your prisoner at bay or exploring sexual expression, tying someone up should always be performed with the utmost care and precision. What follows are some basic techniques for keeping a person bound up.

Find four strands of rope varying in size from 6 to 8 feet in length. Use the longer pieces to tie your prisoner's upper legs and elbows together while using the shorter strands to bind their wrists and ankles.

Lay your subject on the ground in the prone (facedown) position. If you find this position difficult, try having your prisoner stand while binding their arms and/or upper body.

Fold one 6-foot piece of rope in half and (while holding the folded end) pass the free strands through the loop around the wrists. This should cause the loop to tighten around your prisoner's wrists. Next, continue looping the rope several times around the wrists before passing the ends through the folded end (or "lark's head") created by the loop.

Continue to tie the wrists by wrapping the remaining length of rope (one piece up and around; one piece down and around the area) between the wrists. Finish binding the wrists by tying the two pieces of rope together in a square knot.

Repeat the aforementioned technique (folding rope, passing it through loop, wrapping it around limbs, passing ends through the lark's head, separating two ends, wrapping space between limbs and tying strands together in a square knot) with the upper arms (just above the elbows), upper thighs (above the knees) and ankles.