The Etiquette for Graduation Announcements

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A graduation is always a joyous occasion to celebrate. A graduation announcement differs from a ceremony or party invitation. Rather than requesting the presence of guests, the announcement simply marks the milestone achievement, and is sent after the graduation ceremony has taken place.

Tell Everybody

The optimal time frame for sending graduation announcements ranges from the day after graduation to two weeks after the ceremony. While the invitation list for a party or the graduation ceremony itself should be compiled carefully, the opposite is true for an announcement list. Graduates should feel free to send announcements to everybody from close family and friends to grade school teachers and sandbox buddies.

Snail Mail Only

With few exceptions, graduates should take the time to send printed announcements by mail to mark this important milestone with the gravitas it deserves. Exceptions can include tech-lovers and distant relatives who enjoy being notified by Facebook or email.

Appropriate Response

Although offering a gift is not necessary upon receiving a graduation announcement, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you wish to send one or not. A thoughtful card of congratulations and good-luck wishes is an appropriate response to an announcement. According to Lizzie Post, spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, including money along with the card is up to the individual, as is the amount of money. Some prefer to purchase a more personal gift instead of sending money.