The Best Ways to Go Blond to Lighten Your Hair

Going blond is no small decision; blond hair is like giving yourself what Marie Claire calls "the ultimate accessory." Though you may believe that "blonds have more fun," going from brunette to blond is a complicated process, and is definitely high-maintenance. But if you don't mind turning heads when you step out, the blond bombshell look might just be meant for you.

Home or Salon?

You're probably wondering whether to go blond-from-a-bottle or head to the salon. Unless you're planning on staying within two or three shades of your natural color, it's best to leave the lightening to the pros. When going in for color, it's especially important to cut out a picture (try one of your favorite towheaded celeb), so you can get the blond shade of your dreams. Don't try bleaching it all at once, either--Clairol stylist Brad Johns says it's preferable to start out with a golden shade and then lighten. If you do decide to color at home, stay away from honey-gold shades, which can end up turning you into a pumpkinhead. Look for icy-cool or neutral instead.

How to Style

When it comes to maintaining your hair's golden glow, opt for alcohol-free hairsprays and gels; styling products that contain alcohol can dry out your delicate blond locks. Another issue always popping up when you go blond is mega roots. Since you can't always make it to the salon on time to prevent those telltale dark roots, take a cue from Glamour and the salons, and pick up a dark-blond boxed hair color at the drug store. Dab it onto the roots with toothbrush for just a few minutes, and it should be enough to hold you for a few more weeks.

Blond Maintenance

Think you have the personality to be a blonde? A study at Nottingham Trent University shows that women who went from brunette to blond got a boost in confidence and felt more attractive. So if you're shy, get ready to attract guys' attention wherever you go, because blondes always stand out from a crowd. What's more, trying to maintain your color can be a commitment of major time and money, what with having to go to the salon for touch-ups every six weeks. Your favorite celeb probably uses extensions to cover the damage, or stays in when she's growing out. But if you can't, opt for a more user-friendly dark hue instead.

Accenting Your Color

If you're not a natural blonde, finding makeup shades that complement your new look can be tricky. Remember to use red lipstick sparingly for evening, since it can look too harsh in daylight. Beige, peach and neutral shades work wonders on your face.