The Best Way to Remove Hair From Arms

Arm hair can cause embarrassment for some women. Everyone has arm hair, but for some, the hair is dark and thick and draws attention. In these cases, women are choosing to remove hair from their arms. Removing hair leaves the arms silky smooth, but it is a beauty routine that has to be maintained.

Easy Solution

Shaving is the easiest way to remove arm hair. Many people believe that if you shave the hair on your arms, it will grow back thicker and darker. This is not true. The color and thickness of hair is genetic and is not changed by shaving.

Shave your arms the same way you would shave your legs. You may want to use a smaller razor, if you can find one. Be careful around your wrists and elbows. Instead of using shaving gel, use a little bit of shower gel lathered on your arm. Shaving gel is thick and will make it hard for you to see the curves of your arm. Because of the way clothing rubs against the skin, you probably only need to shave up to the elbow. The hair above the elbow normally gets rubbed away by constant contact with clothing.

Chemical Solutions

Chemical hair removers such as Nair melt the hair off your arms. You simply apply it, set a timer, and then wipe off the lotion, along with your arm hair. If you have never used a chemical hair remover before, do a small test patch before you do the entire arm. Some people have allergic reactions to the chemicals that can cause each hair follicle to bleed or swell.

When you remove arm hair, at first you feel colder, because arm hair does keep the body warm. The temperature change bothers some people, making bleaching a good option. Buy a kit specifically designed for bleaching body hair. Follow the package instructions for mixing the bleach solution, and apply it to your arms. It may take more than one round to get the hair as light as you would like.

Long-Term Solutions

Waxing your arm hair will make your arms stay smooth longer than any of the other methods. The downside to waxing is that it is painful, especially when done to large areas. If you have never had waxing done, have your eyebrows waxed to get an idea of what it feels like. If you are comfortable with that, you can commit to using wax to get rid of arm hair. Allow a professional to do it the first few times. Watch what she does, and after a few sessions, you can try waxing your arms at home yourself.

Laser hair removal is the way to permanently remove hair from your arms. It is also the most time-consuming and the most expensive. Each arm can cost up to $500, as compared to buying a disposable razor for $2 and shaving the hair yourself. Laser hair removal takes place over several visits. Your hair will be removed with a laser one follicle at a time.