How to Nair Your Arms

If you are frustrated by the quick emergence of stubble after shaving, but also cannot bear the pain of waxing, one solution to consider is using a hair removal depilatory such as Nair. Nair is a grooming product that is produced by the New Jersey-based household brand, Church and Dwight. The widely-available depilatory is often used to remove everything from bikini line hair to the thin hair covering the arms.

Purchase Nair. Nair can be found in lotion form at most drugstores and supermarkets around the United States. Seek out the standard hair remover lotion, which is recommended for use around the bikini line, on the legs, stomach, underarms and arms.

Open the bottle cap and push out a liberal amount of the lotion directly onto your hand. Do this in a bathroom, if possible, as it can get messy if you accidentally touch something.

Apply a dense and even coating of the lotion over your arm hair. Be thorough and do not miss any areas. Allow the lotion to simply sit on your arm, as there is no need to rub it.

Allow the Nair to remain on your arms for approximately three minutes, as the instructions state. During this time, carefully rinse and wash all of the product off of your hands.

Look at the progress of the hair removal. When three minutes is up, use a piece of tissue to check on your arm hair. Some arm hair is more persistent. For instance, if you have coarse and dark arm hair, it might remain longer. If you still have hair on your arms, allow the lotion to stay on for a few more minutes, but do not to let it remain longer than 10 minutes in full.

Run a cloth under water. Then, slowly use the moist cloth to eliminate the removed hair and lotion. Then, take a mildly warm shower to fully ensure that all of the product is gone. Finally, dry your arms with a towel.