How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

Wax on  a spatula

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Getting your first brazilian wax is a delicate situation, in more ways than one. While you have to make considerations for the tender skin in the pubic area, you'll also want to take measures to make a potentially awkward situation a little more comfy for both the waxer and the waxed. If you've had a bikini wax before, you'll find that many of the guidelines remain the same, but going fully nude for a Brazilian requires just a bit of extra preparatory attention.

Body Prep

To promote proper adhesion, steer clear of swimming, drinking alcohol or using body lotions on the day of your Brazilian. While you should have a thorough shower before your wax -- both as a courtesy and to make the process more effective -- do not use any heavy intimate antiperspirants, as they may interfere with the wax. While you can safely get a wax at any time, waiting for five days after shaving or three to four weeks after your previous wax yields the best results. Ideally, pubic hair should be about a quarter to a half inch long before your Brazilian.

Pain Prevention

Applying and removing hot wax to delicate skin can cause sensations from a light sting just plain pain -- how painful you find a Brazilian depends on your own personal threshold. To ease the sensation, drink plenty of water before your wax, and take one or two ibuprofen pills about an hour before for extra insurance. For women, waxing pain may be a bit more intense during pregnancy or the week before your period, and less intense the week after your period. This type of waxing may not be safe for those who suffer from skin conditions or take certain types of acne medication, so consult your dermatologist before your first Brazilian if these factors apply to you.

Have a Plan

While a Brazilian wax is, by nature, a thorough removal of all the hair down there, you do have a few stylistic options. Before the wax hits the skin, let your aesthetician know if you want to go completely bare, or if you'd rather leave a little hair for aesthetic purposes. Typically, a thin, straight patch of hair is known as a "landing strip," but you can also opt for a small or medium "V" shape or even a more decorative design, though more intricate requests may take more time and cost more money. Plan to wear underwear and bottoms that you don't mind getting a bit of wax on, just in case.

What to Expect

While you can keep your undies on for a bikini wax, be prepared to go fully bottomless for a Brazilian. Expect the waxer to have to make some respectful contact, holding your skin taut and moving your bits and bobs aside as necessary. For a full Brazilian, the waxer also treats your buttocks, so they may request that you lie on your belly, lift your leg, spread your cheeks or even get on all fours. Remember, the aesthetician is a pro; they see and do this every day, and the whole process takes only 10 to 40 minutes. Relaxation makes for a much smoother wax, both literally and figuratively.