What Does a Brazilian Bikini Line Look Like?

A brazilian wax goes beyond a simple bikini wax to remove all hair from the pubic and anal regions. A Brazilian bikini line could include a "landing strip" on the pubic bone, which is a simple strip of hair left behind. Sometimes, customers request shapes and designs for the hair left in the landing strip and may incorporate dyes, such as leaving hair shaped and dyed like a pink heart or yellow lightning bolt. A true Brazilian wax leaves the pubic area completely free of hair and includes no landing strip.


The method of Brazilian wax came to the United States by J. Sisters International, seven Brazilian-born sisters who opened a salon in Manhattan in 1987. By 1992, the Brazilian wax was popular among celebrities and began to get attention in media and entertainment. For men, Brazilian waxing is known as "Sunga" and removes all hair from the male pubic region.


Brazilian wax completely removes all the pubic and anal hair for a cleaner experience. Many men and women prefer the sensations caused by the bare skin and the aesthetic appeal. This method of hair removal is also chosen because it lasts longer than other methods. It is the ideal hair removal solution for women who wear skimpy bathing suits to prevent any accidental revealing.


Brazilian waxing removes hair from the root, which helps prevent ingrown hairs. Since shaving chops the hair off at its widest point and leaves a sharp edge, a shaved hair is more likely to curl in on itself and form a painful bump under the skin. Shaving must also be done daily to maintain smooth skin. Brazilian wax effects can last several weeks. Also, when the hair does grow back after a Brazilian wax, it is usually thinner, and some follicles stop producing completely.


Carefully research the salon where you want a Brazilian wax. Be sure the specialist has experience with Brazilian wax, not just bikini wax, and the salon is sanitary. Make sure the wax specialist wears gloves and uses new wax applicators on your pubic region. An inexperienced wax specialist will cause you more pain and may injure you by damaging the sensitive skin in your pubic area. For the best experience, go only to salons with good customer reviews, specifically about Brazilian waxes, either online or by personal recommendations.

Expert Insight

Before a Brazilian wax appointment, take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever, such as naproxen sodium or ibuprofen. Trim the hair on your pubic region to about 1/4 inch. Shorter hair may not be removed completely, and longer hair may cause more pain. Ask your Brazilian wax specialist for a numbing, topical hair cream, and apply it about an hour before your appointment. Following the wax, keep the area moisturized and wear loose, cotton clothing for 24 hours.