How to Get Rid of Female Hair Around the Belly Button

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Few women want hair in certain spots: on the upper lip, between the eye brows, on the chin, on the back or on the stomach. A little tummy trail on a man might be cute, but hair around the belly button is not usually considered attractive on women. With different techniques, you can remove hair from this area temporarily for little money or permanently for a lot of money.

Shave the hair around your belly button. Apply a thin layer of shaving cream to your stomach. Using a new blade, carefully shave your tummy in upward strokes. Be very careful to not cut yourself. Massage a dime-sized drop of cortisone cream to relieve and prevent any razor bumps.

Wax off the hair. Place the microwavable hair wax into your microwave for 30 seconds. You want the wax to be warm but not too hot to touch. Apply the wax directly to your tummy using a wax stick. Press a cotton strip over the wax and leave in on for 5 to 10 seconds. Tear the cotton strip off in one quick, fluid motion. Apply a few drops of baby oil or lotion to your skin to relieve any slight pain or redness.

Remove your stomach hair with a hair removal lotion. Apply the hair removal cream directly to your stomach. Leave the cream on for the amount of time specified on the back of the bottle. Remove the cream -- and the hair -- using a warm, wet wash cloth. Ensure that you use a sensitive hair removal cream if you have sensitive skin.

Remove the hair permanently with electrolysis. Although pricey -- and you'll need to make several electrolysis appointments to ensure the hair is removed completely -- electrolysis will work to remove all the belly hair forever. Visit a dermatologist who is trained in electrolysis for a consultation.

Talk with your doctor. If the hair on your stomach -- or body -- is excessive and/or coarse, there might be a different problem. Although not serious, these problems -- such as a hormonal shift -- can be solved with prescription drugs.