How to Wax Back Hair

Hair is a funny thing on a man. As he gets older, he starts losing it where he needs it, (like his head) and gaining where he doesn't want it (like his back). The best solution to remove that unsightly hair is to wax the back hair. Shaving works, but the hair grows back fairly quickly. Waxing is a bit painful, but can last up to 8 weeks.

Find a friend or loved one who really likes you a lot. When it comes to waxing most places on your body--eyebrows, shoulders, random hairs on your neck--you can do it yourself. But when it comes to waxing the back hair, you will either have to go see a professional or find someone to assist you.

Purchase a wax hair removal kit. There are many different brands on the market. There are hot waxes that harden on their own, hot waxes that require paper strips, creamy waxes that harden and wipe away. There really is no wrong way to go; it is truly up to the individual. If you aren't sure what to buy, ask a woman in your life, as they make up a larger part of the waxing market and are more familiar with the products than most men.

Clean your back with warm soap and water. This is where the special person in your life comes in. When guys wear shirts, they tend to sweat, even subtly. That sweat and daily grime builds up. If it is not removed before waxing, the wax may not stick to the hair. Be sure that your back is completely dry once finished.

Trim the hairs on your back with a beard or hair clipper. While hairs need to be at least 1/8 inch long to wax, they also shouldn't be too long. More than 3/4 of an inch can be quite painful. Have your friend trim your back hair.

Spread the wax in an even coat across the hair on your back. The conventional wisdom is to spread with the direction of the hairs and remove against the grain of the hairs. If you are applying the wax for the first time on your skin, make sure you try a small area to be sure that your skin does not have a reaction to the wax substance.

Place paper strips on top of the wax spread. (This step may not be included depending on the kind of wax you purchased.)

Rip the paper off in one swift pull. Painful, yes, but if you pull it quickly the pain will be less than if you try to remove it slowly. Repeat until you have finished removing all of the hair on the back.

Complete the removal of your back hair through waxing by applying a layer of moisturizer on the back. Remain shirtless if possible for a couple of hours or wear a white cotton t-shirt against your skin. Refrain from wearing rough materials like wool for a couple of days.