The Best Shoe Inserts for Arch Support

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Lower body pains seem to slow down the day and limit the things you want to do. A good shoe insert can help align your body and relieve some of that pain. Inserts that support the soles, balls and heels of your feet will be the best to purchase. Another thing to look for is an insole made of material that molds to your feet and resists moisture.

ProFoot 2oz. Miracle

This shoe insert is designed to fit inside your shoes to provide support for your arch and a softer surface to walk on. ProFoot custom made shoe inserts have been given high reviews by an article written for the website Womens Health Mag. These shoe inserts are made with shock absorbers attached to the bottom that will support the arch of your foot. The bottom shock absorbers work with the top layer made of memory foam to cushion your foot all the way around.

Birkenstock BirkoSport

Birkenstock BirkoSport are quality shoe inserts designed to support the arch of your foot. According to the website Insoles for Flat Feet, "Birkenstock BirkoSport Arch Support Insoles are a very good example of an appropriate insole type that will guarantee comfort and vitality in terms of health." These insoles are designed with shock absorbers that provide a soft surface to comfort your feet. The compressed foam heel cup of Birkenstock BirkoSport Arch Support Insoles will cushion the impact of each step.

Spenco Arch Supports

Spenco arch supports are known for providing comfort and stability to the arch of those who wear them. The Spenco brand of arch supports are listed as one of the most reputable companies in a article written for the website Best Arch Supports. These inserts are designed to align your feet and spread weight evenly when you are walking or running. Spenco inserts can also be moved from one pair of shoes to another because they do not need any adhesive to stay in your shoes.


The Foot Shox brand of insoles are listed as one of the best in an article at the website Tango Kat. The design of these insoles uses Poron which is rated as one of the top shock absorbing materials for insoles. Foot Shox insoles can cushion the arch and provide a soft surface for those who are putting a lot of pressure on their feet. They will also work to stop foot problems before they occur and relieve pain in the feet of those who have already have foot problems.