The Best Places for a Kids Birthday Party

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Looking for party places for a kids birthday party can be exhausting. Many specialty businesses advertise places for a birthday party, but wise parents shop around. There are advantages and disadvantages for every birthday party place, and choosing a place for a kids party shouldn't break the bank.

Museum Birthday Parties

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Museum parties are definitely more expensive than backyard barbecues, but the price often comes with admission for each guest, a party room you don't have to clean up and party favors for the guests. Some museums offer party packages that include food and drinks. Some museums offer special activities for parties, led by your own private museum guide, while others simply allow you to use the party room and tour the exhibits on your own. If your town has a children's museum, you should call a few months in advance, since they tend to be popular birthday party destinations. Before you schedule a party at a museum, make sure that you understand their policy regarding outside food, as well as parking rates or discount procedures.

Backyard Birthday Parties

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Backyard birthday parties are an American tradition. Hose down the picnic table, set out the sprinkler, pay pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, break a pinata and make a cake from scratch. It's not a workable solution for some families; apartment dwellers, those with fine furnishings, small homes or large pets may want to think twice about a backyard birthday party. For long, drawn-out parties, though, where adults chat and visit until late at night and kids spend hours in the swimming pool, nothing compares to a backyard birthday party. If the idea sounds like fun to you and your house isn't suitable, consider using Grandma's house or the home of a brave and generous friend.

Public Parks

Choose a state park, a city park or some other local grassy area with a playground. Parks will probably always be one of the best places for a kids birthday party because there's room to roam. Children can run around and play on the playground equipment or even climb trees. There's plenty of parking for all your guests. No one has to prepare their home for heavy traffic or worry about things getting broken.

Restaurant Birthday Parties

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A party at a restaurant can work well for older kids who like to sit and talk for hours. Buffets are popular with teens and toddlers, while elementary-aged kids prefer restaurants with built-in play structures or arcades. When you plan a party at a restaurant be sure you understand their party policies; you may be billed for a gratuity and only discover it after you've tipped. You may be charged extra for using the party room past your scheduled time, or you may be subject to a limited menu. The advantage to a restaurant party is that you don't have to cook, and if there's a play structure, you don't have to plan activities. If you plan to bring in a cake instead of ordering from the dessert menu, be sure to ask permission. Some state health departments make it illegal to bring in outside food.