The Best Gifts for MBA Graduates

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After spending years in school preparing for the future, graduates getting a Master of Business Administration degree, or MBA, are getting ready for the next step in their lives. Shopping for gifts may already be tricky, especially when you want to get something meaningful or useful. But there are a variety of gifts for MBA graduates that they may use for fun or future endeavors.

Professional Clothing

For a student just graduating, the next step is to go into the professional world and find a job. Like many college graduates, his professional wardrobe is often lacking a well-made suit, a variety of ties, or dress shirts. To help an MBA grad with his job search and future career, offer him a gift card or certificate to use at a clothing store so that he may select a few professional wardrobe staples. Gift certificates for clothing stores that have a variety of professional and casual clothing will ensure that all grads, men and women, will find everything they need.

Sentimental Gifts

Once the students graduate, there are a variety of sentimental gifts that not only symbolize new chapters in the graduates' lives, but also provide them with useful items. For men or women, an engraved watch is not only something they may use in their professional lives, but also something that serves as a personal memento. Other sentimental gifts include jewelry, like a diamond necklace or earrings for women, or graduation rings for both men and women.

Business Accessories

Once the graduate has landed a job, she will need a variety of tools to use in everyday situations. Look for a quality leather briefcase to hold important paperwork or files, as well as fine-quality pens or personalized business cards with her name and phone contact information. A PDA or smart phone is ideal for someone who just graduated to keep her appointments together as well as store important contact information. Additional accessories such as a quality pair of leather dress shoes, belts, cuff links, or tie clips are all useful items to keep the graduates looking professional as they enter the business world to make first impressions.