The Best Gifts for Active 60 Year Old Men

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Many men in their 60s lead very active lives. If retired, they may use their free time to workout, explore their local city or travel abroad. Christmas, birthday or Father’s Day gifts can reflect their active daily routines. These presents may also encourage a more vigorous lifestyle for those who don’t currently embrace one.

Museum Passes

Some men may appreciate such leisurely activities as visiting a local museum exhibit, particularly one that caters to their interests, like a railroad, automotive or natural science and history museum. Consider purchasing tickets to a special exhibition or an annual pass that will allow the recipient the freedom to enjoy their gift according to his own schedule and throughout the entire year. Magazine subscriptions pertaining to the museum, or its related field, make a nice addition as well.

Wellness Monitors

Wellness monitors can come in handy for active men. They track workouts and daily activities, with details such as number of calories burned throughout the day, and measure sleep patterns at night. Some monitors serve as pedometers that count the steps and miles traveled during a hike or walk. Hydration backpacks, or packs which hold water, are also great aids to avid hikers or campers, particularly during warm weather.

Travel Kits

When some men hit retirement age, they take advantage of their new freedom by embarking on various vacations. As a result, a travel kit may well serve an active man in his 60s. The kit may include such travel-based items as an alarm clock, lightweight iron, hairdryer, outlet converter and neck pillow for long plane rides. You may also consider purchasing a wide array of travel books or an electronic language translator, ideal for those vacationing in foreign countries.

Waterproof Digital Camera

While digital cameras have become something of a staple in the modern world, a waterproof digital camera offers a host of added perks. Such a camera may come in handy if the recipient enjoys rustic adventures, such as ambitious hikes, whitewater rafting excursions or camping trips. The recipient can also use the camera during more casual activities, such as lying by the pool, a day at the beach or an afternoon of fishing.