The Best Friendship Anniversary Gifts for a Friend

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Friends that have had a long friendship often honor their friendship with an anniversary celebration of the day they became life-long friends. Friends can treat each other to a variety of gifts celebrating the special and long friendship they have. These gifts have meaning and significance as they represent a special bond between two people.


Jewelry is a natural choice as a present for a friend honoring a friendship anniversary. There are different types of friendship jewelry available. Friendship pendant necklaces that have a quote about friendship on them, necklaces that feature two halves of a heart charm for each person, or sterling silver friendship bracelets with a birthstone gem on them are jewelry options. Choose something that has significance and is special.

Engraved Photo Frame

An engraved photo frame featuring both of your names, the date you became friends, and a quote about friendship is a gift option. You can also include a favorite picture of the two of you during your friendship. Choose a photo frame that represents friendship through the design or words on the frame.


Flowers are a thoughtful gift for a friendship anniversary. Send a bouquet that features flowers that represent friendship. There are different types of flowers that represent friendship, such as yellow roses, colorful daisies or carnations. All these flowers signify a deep and special friendship.

Special Trip

Consider a special trip for you and your friend to celebrate your friendship anniversary. Choose somewhere that is special for you and has had meaning throughout your friendship. It could be a trip to a favorite city you visited together when you were younger, a road trip to your college alma mater where you met, or a weekend getaway to a spa or resort. A trip can celebrate your current friendship, allow you to remember the past, and gives you the opportunity to make more memories.