How to Wear a Viking Arm Ring

Artifacts From The Silverdale Viking Hoard Are Put On Display At The British Museum

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Shown on television in shows such as "Vikings," arm rings are available at jewelers who specialize in historical jewelry, often for use in cosplay or historical re-creation. The decorative arm band fits snugly on the upper arm and usually are worn by men, highlighting their biceps.

Ringing the Arm

Most commonly worn by men, arm rings are made of metal, usually a precious metal such as gold, silver or bronze. This let Vikings keep their wealth on their person while displaying social status. A lord sometimes would present an arm ring as a gift of favor or to show relationships. Traditional Viking arm rings would twist a thin rod and a wire of beaded gold or silver together. Modern Viking arm rings sometimes have figures at the end of them such as boars, bears, griffons, dragons, greyhounds or snakes.

Getting the Right Fit

Viking arm rings need to fit snugly on the bicep of the upper arm. This requires the arm ring to be flexible and be able to adapt to the arm size. If you are ordering an arm ring online, the purchaser usually needs a tape measurement of the upper arm.