The Best Flowers for a Floating Centerpiece

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The right centerpiece for your gathering adds gentle fragrance and color to the table, but making them doesn't need to be time consuming or difficult. With a few simple glass containers, decorative rocks or glass nuggets and a few flowers, you can create a stunning arrangement that brings life and energy to the party.


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Delicate roses combined with a sprig of baby's breath make attractive floating arrangements. Layer the bottom of the glass container with decorative stones or glass nuggets. Clear glass nuggets enhance sparkle and shine, but consider colors that complement your overall decor to add depth and texture to the display. Cut stems to 1/2 inch and float 3 to 5 roses, depending on the size of your vase, for a dramatic display.

Gebera Daisies

close-up of gerbera daisies. image by Olena Talberg from

Gerbera daisies create a festive atmosphere and come in a variety of colors. Choose colors that complement your setting and pair them with stones or glass nuggets in a deeper shade. Clip the stems to 1/2 inch and float several Gerbera daisies on top of the water. Round vases complement the shape of Gerbera daisies


cluster of pink orchids image by Tamara Kulikova from

Float several orchids in a long narrow rectangular container. Add richly colored glass nuggets that closely match the secondary color in the orchid. Red stones or nuggets paired with orchids with red stamens creates an elegant display for any gathering. This display will last up to a week.


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Bold gardenias scent the air with a heady fragrance fit for late-night dinner parties or romantic interludes. Add glass nuggets and a floating candle to create romance and warmth.