The Best Deodorants for Body Odor

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Body odor, also called bromhidrosis, is caused by bacteria growth on the body. The smell is distinctive to an individual and may vary in intensity. It is not solely a matter of hygiene, though bathing daily does help. Using deodorant helps by masking body odor; however, not all deodorants are made equal. You have to know which would work best on your body.

Light Odor: Dove for Women

One of the most popular products available on the market today is made by Dove. Dove deodorants, such as Dove's Cool Sensations Antiperspirant, are great for women. It has a unisex smell and the translucent gel allows you to wear sleeveless tops without a problem. The deodorant is made from soothing green tea and cucumber extracts, leaving the skin protected the whole day.

Strong Odor: Secret-Clinical Strength

Secret deodorant has an excellent roll-on for women who sweat and have a strong body odor. The Secret Clinical Strength deodorant has a mild fragrance, but helps keeps excess moisture on your body controlled. Even if spend a great deal of time in sunlight, this brand provides protection from sweating. Moreover, there is no cloying smell, so you can feel and stay fresh all day.

Light Odor: Old Spice for Men

Old Spice is a great classic smell that men and women have adored over the decades. This deodorant works great to control perspiration and mask any accompanying odor that are fairly light. It should be noted that this brand does not effectively block really strong odors. It is best for men who lightly sweat and have a light odor problem, and have a more prominent focus on smelling good.

Strong Odor: Axe for Men

For those men who do sweat a lot and dislike that lingering feel of wetness and smell, opt for the diverse line of Axe deodorants. Available as sprays and roll-ons, Axe helps keep the skin dry and odor-free. It’s available in strong, masculine fragrances and cool, light ones as well.