The Best Anti Aging Products on the Market

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The market is flooded with a variety of anti-aging products that all claim to prevent the look of aging, reduce wrinkles or slow the aging process all together. Some anti-aging products are more effective than others. The best ones may actually live up to their claims and give you the results you're seeking.


Several years ago, this cream was the best-selling wrinkle reducing and skincare item in France and a top-seller in the United States. StriVectin-SD was originally developed to treat stretch marks, and it was later found to be highly effective at reducing the look of aging. StriVectin-SD attributes its effectiveness to a patented key ingredient derived from the properties of a oligo-peptide, Pal-KTTKS.

Olive Oil

According to medical professionals at WebMD and Mary Kearl with AOL Health, eating not just healthy foods but products labeled "super foods" is an effective way to prevent aging and ward off future wrinkles. Olive oil is a super food. Those that swear by olive oil say it can be included in your diet or rubbed right on your skin for great results.

Olay Regenerist

Olay Regenerist is the nations best-selling anti-aging skincare line. Regenerist, like many products, is available in your local drug store. These leading Olay products were created to target specific problem areas with a combination of ingredients that include Olay's peptide + B3 complex and sun protection.


Resveratrol comes highly recommended as the latest and one of the best anti-aging breakthroughs. The anti-aging formula used in this product guards your genes to ensure restoration and healthy and proper function, thus preventing premature aging.


BioSil contains what company officials call health and beauty proteins: collagen, keratin and elastin. This supplement works to prevent and remove wrinkles along with strengthening hair, nails, and bones. BioSil promotes anti-aging by restoring your health and beauty proteins to more youthful levels.