The Beauty of Bias Tape Part 5: Recover an Old Pillow with DIY Corded Piping

It’s summer! Time to spruce up those old decorative pillows. Instead of buying new pillows each season, you can just recover the ones you already own. To bring them to a whole new level, use handmade corded piping around the edges.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been showing you things to make with your handmade bias tape. To follow along from the beginning, read “The Beauty of Bias Tape Part 1: Make Your Own” post.

To make your own corded piping, start by following the directions for cutting bias strips that can be found in the first post of the series.

Once you have your bias strips cut and stitched together, place some cotton cording in the middle of the wrong side of the bias strip.

Fold the bias strip in half and pin the cord in place.

Use a zipper foot and sew as close to the cord as possible, sandwiching the cord inside the fabric.

To use your corded piping to decorate the edges of a new pillow case, first cut two pieces the size of your pillow form, being sure to add 5/8″ to every side for a seam allowance.

Pin the raw edge of the piping to the right side raw edge of one of the pillow pieces. Leave the end hanging off the edge as shown in the picture below.

At the corners, clip the piping.

When you get back around to where you started, run the end off the edge again and overlap with the ends.

Start sewing on one end of the piping using the zipper foot.

Sew as close to the cording as possible and slowly around the corners.

When you get back around to where you started, overlap the ends and sew through both pieces of piping.

Overlap the ends and sew through all the layers

Trim the ends.

Lay the second pillow piece on top of the first one you sewed with right sides together.

Pin around the piping.

Sew through all layers as close to the piping as possible.

Leave a opening at one end. If you are using an existing pillow form, you’ll want to make this opening big enough to get your pillow form through.

Trim all four corners of the pillow.

Notch the corners.

Turn it right side out.

Insert the old pillow form or add the stuffing through the opening.

Pin the opening and hand stitch it closed.

Now grab a frosty cold drink, sit back and enjoy your new pillows.

Photo credits: Beth Huntington