The Appropriate Baptism Gift for Your Grandchild

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Your grandchild's baptism is a special occasion that requires a thoughtful gift. Some baptism gifts are religious in nature which encourages your grandchild to be spiritual. Some gifts provide financial support and security. While purchasing a gift, get an item that supports your grandchild to thrive as a young Christian.

Baptism Gown And Cap

Purchase a baptism gown and cap, which can be around $100 at a department store. Some parents are happy with regular white dresses which might be less expensive. Alternatively, create a keepsake baptism gown and cap from an heirloom wedding dress. Just double check first that other family members don't mind if you cut up your grandmother's wedding dress. The keepsake wedding dress shows that you are giving support from previous generations in your family.


Give money to show your grandchild support. A savings bond accrues interest until your grandchild is legally aloud to take it out, which is around age 18. Banks offer different amounts of interest so examine your options before purchasing the bond. Alternatively get a 529 K college savings plan so your grandchild can begin saving up for college. Cash gives your grandchild some leniency to make a decision about what to do with the money.


A cross demonstrates that you are supportive of your grandchild's religion. Christians typically use a cross to pray to in times of need so your grandchild can put it in her room. Quality crystal crosses are long lasting and they make beautiful pieces for a bookshelf. Alternatively, purchase a wooden colorful cross for a child's room. Then have the cross engraved with your grandchild's name. Personalized crosses demonstrate that you are willing to put out some extra effort for your grandchild.

Personalized Frame

A quality photo frame pays homage to your grandchild's baptismal day. Some specialty photo frames are made specifically for baptisms. The frame might have a cross on it or another religious symbol, such as a dove. Add your grandchild's name to the frame so she can hold onto it for years to come. Alternatively, a personalized photo album permits your grandchild to safely keep many of her baptismal photos.