How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is About Ready to Dump You

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When a woman is planning to end a relationship or stop dating someone, there are many telltale indicators that the end is near. Learning to pick up on these subtle signals can keep you from being blindsided by a breakup, and can help ease the pain of being newly single. Alternatively, if you read the breakup signals early enough, you can try to save your relationship and reconcile with your girlfriend.

Observe if your girlfriend is going out on the weekends more than usual, and only invites you at the last minute. This is a common way that women try to distance themselves from boyfriends who are going to be kicked to the curb. Even if you feel slighted by being initially left out, make a point of going out with her and having fun.

Notice if your girlfriend suddenly nags you less than usual. Nagging is a form of caring, albeit, an annoying one. A partner who has stopped nagging has stopped caring. What can you do if your girlfriend no longer fusses over your habits and hygiene? Start improving the things she usually complains about: clean up more often and surprise her with a nice gift. If you show her that you still care, she may warm up again.

Observe for changes in her appearance, particularly a new hair color and cut. Many women change their hair after a break up, and many also do it right before. If she changes her hair to a color and cut that you have always said you don't like, you may consider it a sign of rebellion and disconnection.

Pay attention to how she talks about men and how she acts around male friends of yours or hers. If she suddenly starts flirting with other males in front of you, or constantly talks to and about them, she may be using passive-aggressive behavior to make you break it off. Some women don't like to be the one who ends a relationship, and will instead manipulate their boyfriends into a jealous fit.

If you notice more signs of distance and disrespect from your partner, open up a conversation to find out what's going on. Prepare to go on with life without her if she doesn't want to discuss it. Keep in mind that these signals to not guarantee that your girlfriend is going to dump you, but they are simple classic signs.

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