Tattoo Placement on Women

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Tattoos on women have become more socially acceptable over the years. It’s no longer unusual and uncommon to see a woman with one or more tattoos. Tattoo designs for women are often bright and feminine looking, the lines are thinner and more delicate, and the subject of the design is something that appeals to women. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tattooing women, they can get any design they would like and have it done any place that they like, but there are some areas on the body that appeal more to women than others.

Considerations on Tattoo Placement

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When thinking about getting a tattoo, where to get it is just as important as the design. Anyone interested in having a tattoo has to consider how it will fit in with their lifestyle. Some employers have strict rules about tattoos that are visible, and getting something that is in a location that cannot be easily covered up can negatively impact job prospects. In addition, it’s also important to think of how you will feel about the tattoo in the future; a woman who decides to have a large back piece done in her teens may regret her decision when picking out her wedding dress in her twenties or thirties.

A New Fashion Statement

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Modern tattooing has often been associated with rebellion or eccentricity, especially for women. As tattooing has become more popular and acceptable, tattoos have become more of a fashion statement than a rebellious statement. Placement of the tattoo depends on what type of statement is desired, whether it is easily visible or hidden away, how large or small it is, and the design.

Favorite Tattoo Locations for Women

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While women can get tattoos on any part of their body that they like, there are some areas that are favored more by women than others. One of the more popular locations is on the lower back. Tattoos on the lower back are easily covered up, but can be displayed when desired; they can also be a little titillating. Another favorite location is on the back of the neck; it’s a very feminine location and can be considered attractive to men.

Other Popular Locations

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Other locations that women often chose to get tattoos are just above the ankle, on the inside of the wrist, upper arm and in the pubic region. Some women who break with the “normal” feminine locations may choose to have a large tattoo covering anywhere from a quarter to her whole arm, called sleeves, or she might decide to have a large tattoo on her back, or on her ribs. A popular tattoo location for men is on the pectoral area of their chests, and while it is a less popular location for women, there are women who will have a tattoo just over the breast.

The Perceptions of Women and Tattoos

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Before tattoos became main stream, women who were tattooed were perceived as oddities, unladylike and having a questionable moral character; women who had tattoos were not considered to be attractive. As tattooing has grown in popularity, the perception of women with tattoos has changed. Many of the designs and locations women choose to have tattooed are considered to be alluring and attractive. Catching a glimpse of a delicate design on the small of a woman’s back can be as exciting as catching a glimpse of her ankles had once been.

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