How to Surprise Your Wife Romantically

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Marriage takes commitment and effort. Many people fall into a routine and forget about the passion they once had. A couple may end up neglecting each other and spend hardly any quality time together. To stay connected, a couple needs to work at the relationship, and that includes being romantic. A husband can use the element of surprise to show his wife how much he loves her.

Step 1

Make a handwritten card or note. In it, tell your wife how much you love her. Describe things about her that you love. Tuck the note into the pocket of the jacket she plans to wear that day, slip it beside her cup of coffee, or place it on her pillow. She'll be surprised and uplifted, and you'll get points. A win-win. Putting your feelings into written words is a romantic gesture your wife can enjoy for the moment and treasure for a lifetime.

Step 2

Take her on a surprise trip, if she likes to travel. Plan the trip according to your budget and the kinds of places she likes to visit. A romantic getaway or exciting adventure trip can revitalize your marriage. If your budget doesn't have room for a real getaway, put your imagination to work. Take her for a walk. Tell her about the places you would like to take her. Describe a place using all your five senses. The human brain processes thoughts in much the same way it processes real experiences. Imagining an experience can alter her mood and show her your romantic side.

Step 3

Surprise her with a photo album. Include pictures of special celebrations and family gatherings, as well as other times, such as romantic getaways that invoke special memories. Make it a reflection of the happy times in your life together.

Step 4

Listen to music together. Go to a local coffeehouse or bar. You can also look for outdoor concerts in your area. This is a way to enjoy each other's company, putting all worries and thoughts aside. If you don't have a song you call "our song," help her select one.

Step 5

Renew your marriage vows. This will show her how much you love her. Consider going someplace special to her, such as her favorite beach, and hold the ceremony there with just a few friends.

Step 6

Tell her you love her when she least expects it, such as when she is in her bathrobe with hair wet from the shower, or when she is dirty from digging in the garden. Let her know you think about her during the day, and you love her in all her aspects, not just when she is dressed up, with full makeup and jewelry.