Suppers With Leftover Meatloaf

by Elizabeth Arnold

Save time and money by turning your meatloaf leftovers into future suppers. Enjoy the leftovers the next day, or freeze them for several months. Prepare the leftover meatloaf in traditional slices, or transform it into a creative and tasty meal your whole family will love.


If you stored the leftover meatloaf in convenient slices, use them to create filling sandwiches as a casual meal. Heat the meatloaf slices in an oven or microwave and place them on slices of hearty bread. Enhance the sandwiches with condiments, such as mustard or a creamy ranch dressing, and your favorite type of cheese.


Save a trip to the grocery store by using leftover meatloaf to make chili. The hamburger is already seasoned, which will give the chili a fuller flavor. Crumble the meatloaf into a large pan or slow-cooker, then add beans, diced tomatoes and hot sauce. Serve the chili with cheese, sour cream and crackers or tortilla chips.


After a long day, use leftover meatloaf to create an easy-to-make and tasty pizza. Start with homemade pizza crust or use a premade version for convenience. Crumble the meatloaf and layer it onto the crust along with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and chopped onions and green peppers. Bake it and serve it in minutes, along with a fresh salad and the family's favorite dressings.


Use leftover meatloaf along with basic refrigerator and pantry items to create a simple and satisfying casserole dinner. Place meatloaf slices or crumbles in a baking dish and layer frozen or sliced fresh potatoes, frozen or fresh vegetables and cheese on top. Use a creamy condensed soup or dressing to give the casserole a moist texture.

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