How to Make Prosecco Sauce

How to Make Prosecco Sauce. When you cook salmon, there are many different sauces that can accompany the fish. Prosecco sauce is light and easy to make, and it provides a wonderful complement to the salmon's rich flavor. Here's how to make a Prosecco sauce quickly.

Chop your shallots finely using your knife and set aside.

Place your pot on the stove top and turn the heat to simmer.

Pour half the bottle of Prosecco into the pot and add your chopped shallots.

Allow the Prosecco wine and shallots to reduce over the simmering flame for 4 to 5 minutes.

Stir your Prosecco sauce as you add the salt, pepper, white wine vinegar and water to the pot. All of these items are added to taste. Stir until you have combined the ingredients well.

Finish your Prosecco sauce recipe with a few slabs of butter in the pot. Place them in the pot cold and continue to stir with your whisk until the butter melts completely. Drizzle this sauce over your salmon and it is ready to serve.