Suits That Go With Pink Shirts

David De Lossy/Valueline/Getty Images

The color pink has a certain mystique that no other color does and contrasts well with men's clothing. In light pastel shades, it exudes an elegance. With rose tones, a richer effect ensues. Pairing pinks with a contrasting suit color strikes a balance between soft and powerful, while matching with an equally light tone such as gray or taupe adds a gentle sophistication. Wearing pink might also turn you into the center of attention. After all, it takes confidence to choose pink, and that alone makes you stand out in a good way.


Different hues of pink from powdery pale to rich rose can give you a different effect, with pale shades being the most elegant. A well-tailored men's navy suit gives a lightweight pink shirt enough contrast to look classy on a Sunday afternoon to date night. Cognac accessories ground it further. Choose a deeper pink-hued tie such as mauve to give it new energy.

Light gray suits paired with a deeper, rose pink shirt and a skinny black belt worn with barefoot-type loafers create a look is charming. The deeper rose tone is a newer shade in men's shirts and stands out for its modern take on the color.


A pink shirt is the new business color for men -- according to Esquire, it is interchangeable with office blue. Match it with brown wingtips, and add a darker tie. The look can be worn with a three-piece suit or a sweater vest for an old world feel. A suit in a soft brown tone lends a traditional '40s flavor, with a light pink shirt brightens the look. For a Gatsby influence, go lighter on the tie shade.


Patterns can match colors together for a new sophisticated look. A tan tattersall in a subtle maroon plaid is the perfect pattern for a pale pink shirt, grounded with a brown tie and shoes. A rich, blue two-piece suit with a wine checker also calls for a pink pastel balance in the form of a pink and white gingham shirt. A pastel stripe or gingham pink and white shirt is also easy to wear with different solid tones of gray, brown, navy and taupe suits. Stick to stripes in other pastel tones such as yellow and blue as well as gingham and checkers with white for a polished look. Wearing pink patterns with cognac and mustard tone suits can look interesting, but it definitely leans on the trendy side.


The texture of your shirt can take a look from elegant to casual. Coarser textures are more casual while thinner textures are more refined for business and formal wear. Some oxford cotton shirts and linens have a pre-washed look that you will find more casual. Pair tweeds and a light pink dress shirt with red brown shoes and belt to coordinate for business and evening. A casual, oxford-style cotton shirt in a striped pink, blue and white goes well with a light tweed jacket in gray or brown when you want a casual look with jeans. When you want a trendier shirt with a darker, light wool suit for evenings, opt for a brushed cotton or silk with a sheen texture in a deep rose tone. A linen shirt in pale pink is a good weekend match to wear with a beachy linen or seersucker suit in navy, white or tan as both have a subtle texture and summer weight.