How to Store Your Socks, Bras & Underwear

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Digging through your unmentionables before finding what you're looking for slows down your morning and may damage your basics. Keeping your socks, bras, and underwear organized helps you not only find things you need quickly, but also keep your items in great shape and extends their life. Storing bras properly reduces the risk that they'll become flattened or tangled, and keeping socks stored correctly reduces the chance you'll only find one instead of a pair, or you won't be able to find the pair you need in a pinch.

Step 1

Empty your drawers to see what you are dealing with. Remove any items you don't wear, things that are damaged or old, or things that simply don't fit anymore. These things take up space that you need to use to store the things you do wear frequently.

Step 2

Use drawer dividers to create compartments for socks. Match the sock to its partner and roll them together before placing them in the compartments.

Step 3

Categorize underwear by types. Fold each pair and place it in drawer dividers. Set up one row for everyday bikinis, one row for specialized undergarments, such as thongs, and one row for comfortable brief underwear. Dividers allow you to see all of your options. If you keep everything folded neatly, it's easy to pick the right pair each day.

Step 4

Fold bras with the cups inside each other instead of scrunching them up or tossing them into a drawer unfolded. Use dividers to neatly separate your rows of bras. Organize so that your cotton bras are in one row and your lace bras in another, or group them by color or type, such as underwire or padded.