Solutions for Divorce Rates

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The rate of divorce in the United States hovers right around 50 percent. Some people blame the problems in society on the number of broken homes as the result of divorce. However, many of these problems are actually the result of the number of broken homes, rather than the reason for them.

Premarital Counseling

Some church bodies, such as the Lutheran and Catholic churches, already require couples to go through premarital counseling. However, all couples could benefit from requiring this type of counseling. Premarital counseling can help a couple determine if they are truly compatible with each other and discuss the mechanics of marriage so they know what to expect. The counselor can even help explain what the commitment of marriage will mean for the couple. The sessions can also give the couple the tools they will need to listen to each other and learn to compromise for a healthy marriage.

Counseling During Marriage

Some couples automatically seek out counseling when they feel their marriage is in trouble. Other couples, however, do not consider counseling and move directly on to divorce. If more couples were required to attend counseling before going through with a divorce, it could have a positive impact on the divorce rate. Marriage counseling helps a couple to pinpoint their problems and learn how to deal with them. If both parties are willing to make changes and work for their marriage, this type of counseling can help save a marriage from heading for divorce.


When a marriage is heading down the road to divorce, the communication between the two parties begins to deteriorate. If the couple can feel comfortable enough with each other to speak up about issues and have calm, rational discussions about the issues that occur in their marriage, the chances of working through the issues and continuing on in the marriage increases. Whether the couple chooses counseling or decides to work on their communication through a marriage-building workshop, the advantages of good communication go a long way toward strengthening a marriage.

Marriage Workshops

Many of the issues that occur in a marriage can be resolved through education if both parties are willing to do the work. Some marriage workshops help couples to learn to deal with these issues in a healthy, constructive manner. Some workshops allow couples to choose the areas that they need to work on, such as conflict resolution and parenting skills, while others offer weekend-long retreats that touch on all areas. Regardless of which type of workshop a couple chooses, they will finish it equipped with the tools they need to make their marriage stronger.