How to Have Soft Skin When You Shave Your Legs

Chris Clinton/Lifesize/Getty Images

Smooth, hairless legs are a must when you slip those gams into short shorts or a flirty skirt. Having soft, sexy legs doesn't take a lot of hard work, but it does require patience, a generous dose of tender loving care -- and some really good shaving gel. Take your time or you may end up with just what you don't want -- slices, nicks, cuts and bumps with annoying stubble and red, rough and irritated skin.

Step 1

Exfoliate your legs once every week to remove dead skin cells and make shaving more effective. Use a commercial product or make your own scrub by mixing olive oil with brown or white sugar to make a paste. Exfoliate your legs before shaving and toward the end of a shower or bath, when your legs are soft and moist.

Step 2

Lather up with an alcohol-free shaving gel before shaving. A gel, which is thicker than lotions, softens the skin and helps the razor glide smoothly, preventing cuts and nicks. Avoid shaving dry legs because doing so may cause razor burn.

Step 3

Shave your legs while you're in the tub or shower because steam and warm water soften the skin. Use a good razor with a rounded, pivoting head that simplifies shaving around ankles, shins and knees.

Step 4

Replace razor blades at the first sign of dullness or whenever you find yourself shaving the same area more than once. As a general rule, a disposable blade lasts five to 10 shaves.

Step 5

Rinse the shaving gel thoroughly and then dry your legs with a soft, fluffy towel.

Step 6

Rub body lotion or moisturizing cream into your legs as soon as you finish shaving to seal in moisture and soften your legs. Use a mild, fragrance-free lotion or cream to avoid skin irritation.