Sleepover Party Ideas for 12-Year-Olds

colorful bed linen on a wooden bed image by ann triling from

Many 12-year-olds love sleepover parties, especially when they're well-organized and have plenty of fun decorations, foods, and activities. Even though you'll want to keep the party-goers busy, make sure to leave them plenty of time to just relax and talk with each other. The friendships formed and strengthened at a sleepover party often hold tightly for years.

Setting the Stage

To set the tone for the sleepover party, turn all of the lights low and stick glow-in-the-dark stickers all over the walls and the ceiling. You can hand out glowing necklaces as well. Place plenty of large pillows, soft blankets, and bean bag chairs in one corner so that the girls can relax and talk late into the night (the pillows will also be perfect for late-night pillow fights). For the main table that the kids will be eating at, use two tablecloths in different colors, and turn back one side of the top tablecloth as if you were making a bed. Add a pillow at one end to make the table into the perfect replica of a freshly made bed.


There are certain foods that the kids may expect to be at a sleepover party, like smores, milkshakes, potato chips, and similar snacks. Try slipping some healthier--but still fun--foods onto the sleepover party menu. For dinner at the beginning of the party, let kids make their own sandwiches with various fillings and cut them into fun shapes with cookie cutters. They can make their own kabobs, eat cheese fondue, or make pizza from pre-made dough. For snacks, consider vegetable sticks and dip, cubes of fruit and melon, or frozen grapes. Make sure to serve plenty of drinks, especially juices with exciting names like strawberry explosion; serve flavored water for the diet-conscious.

Games and Activities

With a group of active 12-year-olds, you'd better be sure you've got plenty of fun activities. Otherwise, they may think up some of their own activities--and you may not approve. Adolescents this age may will enjoy scavenger hunts, especially when they work together in teams to find the various objects. If you have a bit more time and creativity to spare, you can also design a treasure hunt for them, where a series of clues lead them from one location to another until they finally arrive at the treasure (a snack, some party favors or a big sign reading "Time to open presents!"). Girls may also like giving each other makeovers and parading down a runway in a fashion show. For a fun spin on regular makeovers, show them how to give each other blind makeovers, where the person giving the makeover has on a blindfold. The results will make everyone laugh.