Signs of a Faithful Boyfriend

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All men cheat, right? Actually, they don’t. But with 50 percent of all relationships experiencing infidelity, according to psychologist Randi Gunther in her Psychology Today article “Promise Keepers - The Committed Partners Who Stay Faithful to Each Other,” it’s understandable that you would want to now how to spot the signs of a faithful boyfriend.

Creates Variety

People tend to adapt to happy life events much more quickly than you may expect, according to a University of California at Riverside study. What this means is that relationships can quickly become boring, and boredom is a frequent cause of both cheating and breakups. A faithful and committed boyfriend will make an effort to occasionally change things to keep things exciting and new. He will suggest dancing rather than your normal movie night or suggest a new restaurant to try. He will surprise you with lunch in the middle of the day or flowers at work.

Uses "We" vs. "Me"

Men who are faithful talk differently from men who are unfaithful and single men, according to Gunther. Men who are more satisfied with their relationship talk in terms of “we” instead of “I.” When having a conversation with a faithful man, it doesn’t take very long to figure out that he is in a relationship. Men who use "we" and "us" pronouns more often tend to be more committed to their relationship and tend to work with their partners during times of stress, according to a U.C. Berkley study. A faithful boyfriend will work with his partner to settle disagreements. Men who us more "I" and "me" pronouns tend to turn away from their partners during stress and have more difficulty problem-solving with their partners.

Open Regarding Communication With Others

Physical infidelity is not the only type of cheating, writes psychologist Athena Staik in her Psych Central article “12 Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity – And Not ‘Just Friendship.’” Emotional infidelity can happen when one person focuses more on another person than on their partner. If there are communications between your boyfriend and another person that he does not want you to know about, there may be cause for concern. Faithful men will be open with their partners about their relationships with others. They won’t try to hide text or online conversations. When you ask who texted him, he should reply with, “Ben from work,” rather than, “A co-worker.”

Celebrates Your Successes

Many people think that the key to a strong relationship is supporting each other through the bad times. Although this is an important component, research from the University of California at Los Angeles shows that the amount of support that you get when sharing good news is actually a better indicator of relationship strength. Given this information, a faithful boyfriend will celebrate your successes. He will be excited when you get a new job or will want to take you out to celebrate your new promotion. He understands that your successes lead to your happiness and your happiness increases the overall happiness in the relationship.