What Are the Causes of Marriage Separation?

Kostya Kisleyko: sxc.hu

Marriage separation is devastating, but try to look at it as a time of reflection and healing. There are many causes for a separation, and knowing the main problems in your marriage is essential in preventing your separation from turning into a divorce. Work together to solve the problem and seek counseling if you feel you need the help of a professional.


Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can help a marriage. Money, or lack thereof, is one of the leading causes of marriage separation. Stress from not being able to pay the bills makes partners snap at each other. Also, spending money without your spouse knowing causes resentment and anger. This is especially true if you are unable to pay your debts because of excess spending.


Sadly enough, cheating is prevalent among married couples. It is estimated that infidelity has occurred in nearly 80 percent of all marriages. This percentage is higher than earlier years, mostly due to the Internet. It isn't hard to find someone to have an affair with in cyberspace. The devastation, heartbreak and loss of trust are difficult obstacles to overcome once a spouse has cheated. Infidelity often leads to marriage separation and ultimately divorce.


A married couple is a team, and to be a successful team there must be communication. Lack of communication is a big factor of marriage separation. Without communication, expectations, likes, dislikes and dreams will all go unsaid. It is difficult for a marriage to flourish if you or your partner feels unsatisfied. If something is bothering you, speak up. When your partner voices her concerns, listen and figure out a plan of action together.


Addictions are tough to overcome and they often end up hurting everyone involved. Drugs, alcohol and even porn are all major factors in marriage separation. Drugs and alcohol can cause your partner to become violent and also diminish your savings. A porn addiction may cause your spouse to feel inadequate, leading to the demise of your sex life. Spouses of addicts often feel helpless because the addict has to want to get help for himself in order to be cured.


Let's face it, men generally have a much higher sex drive than women. Because of this, sex plays a major role in marriage separation and divorce if the couple doesn't come to an agreement. It is important to understand any underlying problems, such as sexual abuse or hormonal issues, that might be inhibiting your partner. If you are so inclined, a specially trained sex therapist usually works wonders for intimacy issues.