Shirts That Don't Show Sweat

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During hotter months, people tend to sweat easier with less activity. If you are concerned about your arm pit stains giving you away during hotter months, or if you just sweat more in general, it may be a good idea to stock your closet with shirts that do not display these sweat stains. Whether it is a formal occasion, important event or just a first impression, you can use these shirt tips to avoid embarrassing sweat stains.

Shirt Colors

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Certain colored shirts will help you conceal sweat and stay cool. Grey and pastel colors should be avoided, as they display sweat stains more acutely by making sweat marks look darker than the surrounding dry areas of the shirt. Solid white and black t-shirts are the best colored shirts to disguise sweat stains. However, white shirts must be cared and maintained appropriately to avoid gradual yellowing stains around the arm pit area.

Shirt Styles

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Shirts without sleeves are less likely to show evidence of sweating because the open nature of the shirt allows the arm pit to breathe, and there is less fabric coming into friction with the arm pit. You may also find that sleeveless shirts are cooler due to the increase air flow. Singlets and undershirts are other sleeveless styles that show little to no sweat. If you purchase one of the singlet styles with the very low armpit or large arm-hole side openings, no fabric even touches the arm pit region. Loose and baggy styles allow for greater air flow to keep you cooler and sweating less. Tight styles trap more heat in and show sweat stains faster.

Shirt Fabrics


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If you want to keep sweat away from your body, choosing breathable fabrics made from natural fibers is key. Sweat-stopping choices include 100 percent cotton, linen, merino, cashmere, 100 percent wool and pima cotton. If you can select shirts from these fabrics, you will put yourself in the best position to avoid showing sweat stains. A loose-fitting cotton shirt is easy to find, as most stores stock cotton fabric shirts. You want to avoid any nylon or synthetic shirt fabrics, with the exception of wick-away gym shirts made by sports companies such as Under Amour.

Other Tips

An undershirt is another way to reduce sweat stains. Undershirts worn under a top shirt sponge away moisture from the body without giving the perspiration a chance to show through onto your top shirt. The two-shirt combination can actually keep you cooler and dryer then just one shirt alone.