How to Know if He Is Serious

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Men can give really mixed signals at times, making it hard to know if the guy you are dating is serious about you or if he just thinks you're someone he's casually seeing. He may not be as verbal as you would like about his feelings, but there are several clear signs to look out for that will give you a good idea of where your relationship is headed.

He Makes Time for You

A guy who is serious about you will go out of his way to make time for you. For example, any guy who makes it a point to leave work 20 minutes early to avoid traffic and make the trek to your side of town for dinner, is pretty smitten with you. If he's turning down guy time, like not going tailgating for his alma mater's football team, it's a very good sign he's serious about dating you exclusively.

He Introduces You to His Friends

A guy who introduces you to all of his friends, from his high school buddies to his co-workers, is serious about you and eager to show you off and let everyone know he's dating you, according to relationship expert and author April Masini, in an article for It's his way of letting everyone know you are someone special in his life. Other signs include being affectionate around his friends, keeping his attention on you at social gatherings, and holding your hand in public all the time.

He Is Curious About You

A guy who is genuinely curious about you and remembers the little things you tell him is serious about you. It shows he wants to learn more to win you over, according to relationship expert and author Debbie Mandel, in an article for Take it as a good sign if he asks tons of questions about your time in the Peace Corps or what your family is like. Notice if he brings up things you've told him later. For example, if he mentions that the carrot cake you're thinking of ordering for dessert has nuts in it, which you hate, it's clear he is retaining the things you've shared with him, showing he cares.

He Seeks Your Advice

A guy who asks your opinion or advice on any and everything in his life is serious about dating you. He is making it clear that he values and respects your opinion. If he doesn't see something serious with you, he might ask what type of restaurant you want to go to for dinner, but that's about it. When he starts asking you things like what he should wear to his job interview, or turns to you for your advice on a personal family problem, it's a very good sign that you're important to him.

He Asks You to Meet His Family

Whether he asks you to meet with his parents for a formal dinner, or invites you to a casual family barbecue, a guy who eagerly wants you to meet his family sees you as someone he wants to have a serious relationship with. It shows he thinks highly enough of you to meet the people who raised him and know him best. It's further confirmation of his feelings if he gives you background on the family members you will meet, giving you conversation starters and tips to "get in good" with the family. A man eager for his family to like you is definitely into you.

He Calls You His Girlfriend

Calling you his girlfriend when he introduces you to people is the clearest, most tell-tale sign that he's serious about you, especially if he's treating you like a girlfriend in every other way. You may not have had that "official" conversation, but some guys just aren't into the formalities. If you've heard him call you his girlfriend more than once, you might casually ask something like, "So I'm your girlfriend now?" If he responds with "Of course," or something similar, then you know for sure. Unless you don't want to be his girlfriend, go with the flow and enjoy your budding relationship.