Signs That My Long-Distance Man Is Falling in Love

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Though most long-distance relationships are built on a foundation of trust and patience, a new relationship separated by distance is establishing that foundation and deciding whether moving forward is worth the time. It's often said that women are typically more in touch with their feelings than men; however, as men fall in love, they display various signs that let you know whether your long-distance relationship is worthy of moving to the next level.

Time Together

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You can tell that your long-distance man is falling in love when he tries to spend as much time with you as possible, despite the distance. He makes it a point to come and see you, and asks you to come and visit him. This includes holidays and extended weekends. Distance provides men the opportunity to be alone with their thoughts and feelings. Therefore, he takes notice of his feelings for you and makes it a point to show them when he gets to spend time with you. When you get time together, he stays close. This shows how much he missed you during your time apart.


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Your long-distance man is showing signs of love when he makes you a priority in his life. You can tell that things are getting serious when your man adds you to his list of priorities that include education or career. Making you a priority means making time for you, spending time together and scheduling times to communicate. Distance can also benefit your new relationship, allowing you to keep your individual priorities in perspective.

Future Plans

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When your long-distance boyfriend makes plans with you far in advance, it's a sign he's falling in love. This proves that he sees you as a part of his future. Future plans are especially a good sign if he wants you to meet his family and friends, attend family functions, or accompany him to a wedding. This proves that he wants the people he cares about most to meet the new special person in his life. The biggest future plan that proves he is falling in love is when he looks for ways to end the physical distance between you.

Communication and Signals

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When he goes out of his way to communicate with you, you know he's thinking about you regularly and possibly falling in love. Men who are falling in love don't miss a chance to call, email, video chat or text, especially when distance is involved. When you see him, there will also be other signals. Men who are falling in love begin to look at you differently. His eyes give him away. The softness in his eyes and his body language convey that you're the only person in the world who captures his attention in this special way.