How to Seduce One's Wife

by Sophie Southern
Bringing your wife flowers, chocolates or gifts is just one of the ways you can seduce her.

Bringing your wife flowers, chocolates or gifts is just one of the ways you can seduce her.

It's easy for married couples to lose themselves in the daily grind, forgetting about romance and passion. Work, kids, bills, chores and everyday life in general can crowd seduction off your list of priorities. Keeping the spice in your marriage takes an effort on the part of both parties, but seducing your wife will certainly spark things up. With a little extra time, charm and creativity, you can make your wife feel how she did when you first started dating.

Send or give her flowers or chocolates. Romantic gestures may seem cliched, but they make a woman feel special and signify courtship. Reminding her of the spark you shared when you first met by courting her will make her feel loved, wanted and appreciated, and that can increase passion and romance in your marriage.

Set the mood at home with candles and romantic music. When men make the extra effort to do something romantic, women notice and feel appreciative. Pick up supplies on your lunch break and find an excuse to get your wife out of the house to set everything up. When she comes home, treat her to a romantic evening for two.

Plan a sensual weekend getaway for two. Removing outside distractions and settling into a new surrounding will get you both thinking about romance and passion. If you want to be particularly romantic, choose a spot where the two of you vacationed together in the past.

Tell her she's beautiful and pay attention when she makes an effort. Women go through hours of exfoliating, hydrating, buffing, polishing and other beauty treatments to look good. Notice the things your wife does to maintain her appearance and tell her when you like something she is wearing.

Send sexy text messages. Flirty and fun text messages are a key element of dating and an easy way to perk up your marriage. When you think about your wife, let her know by telling her in a text message what you want to do when you get home.

Buy her lingerie. Silk and lace can go a long way. Pick out something on your own time that you would like to see her in but also represents her personal taste. Ask for gift wrapping and give the lingerie to her when the two of you are alone and have a romantic evening ahead of you.

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