Romantic Games for Married Couples

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Adding some spice to your marriage includes generating imaginative ways to ignite the essence of romance back into your relationship. It doesn’t all have to be hard work. There are several games you can play or create that are both pleasurable and entertaining.

Role Play

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Role play is a common game that couples engage in to act out their fantasies in a safe exploration of make-believe. There’s something about pretending to be someone you’re not, particularly in a public place that can stimulate and attract both couples as if it were day one. Start your romantic role game with a simple note in your partner’s computer bag or planning notebook. “Role play: You’re in town on business. I’m the local stranger. Meet me at XYZ lounge at the bar for cocktails at 5 p.m." Meet your spouse at the assigned location and act out the personality of your assigned character. Throughout the entire day remain in character, even if you must make calls on the phone during the day to each other about home life. When it’s time to meet, carry out your behavior, by introducing yourselves to each other and order the other a drink. Enjoy as the romance unfolds in your fantasy-driven shenanigans.

Kiss and Tell

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Play a little game of kiss and tell with your mate to challenge them with trivia questions about each other in exchange for kisses. Use index cards to write down a series of questions including everything from what you ordered on your first date to what you were wearing last night. Each of you should go through the stack of cards and write the answers down in order of the questions. Each correct answer revealed gets rewarded with a kiss. Each wrong answer gets a challenge. Wrong answer penalties can include massages, taking a sip of your cocktail, a playful smack or other requests.

Board Games

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If you like board games, you can either tweak your favorite games with a romantic spin or purchase adult board games. features several adult board games for you to choose from including Romantic Sensations, a game that applies to all your senses by using items such as massage oils and some of your favorite foods and beverages. To give your old game of Scrabble some punch, challenge each other to spell out words that relate to romance and relationships like “Love," “Passion” and “Desire.”

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