Oxygenated Hair Treatments

Healthy hair is partially a result of sufficient supply of oxygen to the hair. Oxygen in hair encourages a healthy scalp that generates growth of strong and healthy hair. Consult your stylist on available oxygenated treatments and settle for one to cater to your hair’s needs. Use the oxygen hair treatment all year round on any hair type or as per your stylist’s recommendation.

Healthy Shiny Hair

A natural hair treatment with the use of an oxygen machine leads to healthy hair and scalp. The treatment helps replenish hair moisture and the suppleness of the hair ends. Ask a specialist to combine a botanical treatment with the oxygen treatment. The condition of your hair determines the treatment your hair stylist uses. The oxygen treatment supplies the scalp with sufficient oxygen to keep it healthy, a health scalp supplies hair with enough oils to keep it supple and shiny.

Strong Hair

Oxygen and blood stimulate the growth of strong hair. Oxygen and hair treatments with nourishing, normalizing, neutralizing, and fortifying factors lead to growth of healthy hair. Frequent oxygen and hair treatments supply hair with nutrients to keep it strong all year round. Regular treatments allow your stylist to evaluate the development in the hair and recommend the correct frequency of hair treatments.

Hair Repair

The oxygen protein treatment reconstructs damaged hair from the inside by repairing bonds. The oxygen mask provides conditioning. The mask locks in moisture and color, restores resiliency, refreshes hair cuticles and cortex. The treatment nourishes hair from the cuticles to the cortex; the wholesome hair treatment revitalizes hair and promotes growth of healthy hair. Use the oxygen protein treatment and oxygen masks on damaged, colored or permed hair.

Soft Silky Hair

Invest in an oxygen shampoo; it leaves hair feeling silk, soft, and healthy. The oxygen shampoo treatment revitalizes dull lifeless hair. The pH balance in the shampoo powered by oxygen removes dandruff and dirt leaving in the hair’s natural moisture. The oxygen shampoo supplements oxygen in hair, which leads to manageable soft silky hair.