How to Organize Life After a Divorce

Getting divorced can take a huge toll on you mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. You may feel overwhelmed about how to go on with your life, minus your spouse. In spite of the pain and devastation you may be experiencing now, however, it is important that you make the decision to overcome your grief and move ahead. You need to take the necessary steps to reorganize your life and get on the road to healing, recovery and productivity.

Keep to a daily routine. It's easy to feel like lying around and feeling sorry for yourself after you go through a divorce, but developing a consistent schedule can help you feel more "normal." Get up at the same time every day, eat your meals at designated times, choose a time to do chores, gardening, etc., so that your life has a sense of structure.

Do something brand new. Change things around in your house, so that it doesn't remind you of when you and your spouse were together. Switch to a more exciting job, if it's feasible. Venture out to new places you've never gone to before.

Maintain a level of good health. Some people going through a divorce may either eat too little or too much. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet. Get 30 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 days a week, and see your doctor when necessary. Letting your health go downhill will only worsen your woes.

Get counseling if you need it. Divorce can be as traumatic as experiencing the death of a loved one. You may find that you are having problems sleeping, are depressed or have feelings of low self-esteem. While these are common things to go through after a divorce, they can become a serious matter if they begin to interfere with your life. There is nothing shameful in getting help from a professional counselor or therapist who can aid you in working through your emotional turmoil.

Get your household finances in order. Perhaps when you were married, your spouse took care of balancing the checkbook and paying the bills. Now that your status has changed, however, you need to be able tor run your own finances. Keep a record of when certain bills, such as credit card bills and utility bills, are due, so that you won't get behind in payments. Keep all important financial and business-related paperwork, such as bank statements, insurance policies and the like together in a file drawer, where they can easily be found. Being able to manage your money wisely is pivotal to getting your life in order following a divorce.

Write a list of goals you'd like to achieve. Work on accomplishing them, one by one. Getting yourself mentally prepared to move forward to the future can help you organize your post-divorce life more efficiently. For instance, one of your goals may be as small as throwing out your ex's clothes, and another goal could be as big as getting back out in the dating scene.

Be around other people. Avoid "hiding" from family and friends who can provide encouragement. Join a club, organization or support group where you can mingle with new people and make new friends.

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