Online Children's Church Activities for New Year's

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The Internet serves as a vast resource for children's church leaders that want to do something special for their students during the holiday season. New Year's is a time for children to reflect on the past year and to set faith-based goals for the year to come. Online tools equip children's church, also known as Sunday School, teachers to fully engage their young charges in Bible-inspired activities based around the coming of the new year.

Lesson Plans

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Save time by finding your New Year's lesson plan online, instead of coming up with one on your own. For example, one online lesson plan for New Year's includes Psalm 118:24, which talks about rejoicing. It also includes a mini-sermon centered around the visual aid of a calendar and the concept of students setting aside a special holiday to celebrate what God has done in their lives. The lesson plan even includes snack ideas and a sing-along. Online lesson plans can be altered to fit your specific children's church setting and class size.


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Celebrate New Year's with your students outside of the classroom setting. Online party planning guides make it easy to organize a New Year's sleepover for your kids. One such resource outlines several different prospective New Year's party ideas, from surprise decorating your senior pastor's house, to baking a festive cake, to leading late night bible devotions just before the clock strikes midnight. Online resources free up your time to seek God, and to bond with your your disciples.


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In order for craft time to be relevant to the holiday, children's church leaders can download New Year's themed crafts from online websites. One Christian craft resource provides downloads for a New Year's Door Hanger and a New Year's coloring pages. This site also provides a download-able template for books of the Bible bookmarks, which you can decorate with students and then use to help students plan their scripture reading for the upcoming year.

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Resolutions are a concept that may not be grasped easily by younger children's church students. Online learning aids can help you to communicate the importance of making resolutions for the new year. One such learning aid uses an empty bowl and handfuls of buttons. Set an empty bowl in front of your students, and inform them that the empty bowl represents a brand new year. Ask students to tell the class a few things they would like to do during the upcoming year. For each goal shared, ask students to put a single button into the empty bowl. After the class has filled the bowl with buttons, explain to students that resolutions are like those buttons. They are a commitment to fill the new year with fun and special achievements.