Negative Effects of Wigs

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People often grow out hair and donate it to make wigs for those in need, such as for thinning hair or hair loss due to chemotherapy, stress or genetics. Though sometimes people wear them for pleasure, such as for plays and themed parties or just to have a change without making it a permanent one. The people in the latter category have it best, because wigs have disadvantages.

Wigs Are Uncomfortable

People are different in how their skin will react to the fibers or if they feel confident or comfortable enough to pull of fake hair or someone else's real hair. Also, after hours of wearing a wig, it can get uncomfortable. Or if you are wearing a wig piece, it can make your head ache. Wigs can also give rashes if you do not wear a wig cap.

Wigs are Hard to Take Care Of

Wigs need a lot of maintenance. If you wear one daily, you will sweat in it and need to clean it. When you wash a wig, the texture and style of it will change, and sometimes it's difficult to re-create the original look of the wig. Some people even go to hair stylists and pay them to fix them up again. If the hair is real, normal products can be used. For synthetic hair wigs, there are special products and brushes made especially for the fibers that the wig is made from. Be careful and gentle when cleaning the wigs to prevent ruining them. Wash them with cool water, and do not blow dry them.

Wigs are Expensive

Wigs are very expensive. Real-hair wigs, especially made with hair that has never been dyed, are the most expensive. Synthetic-hair wigs are cheaper, but depending on the fibers and quality of the wig, can still be pricey. The tools and products used to keep them in shape cost a lot of money as well.