Mother's Day Poems & Handprint Activities

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Mother’s Day is dedicated to a very important person in every child's life: his mother. Moms love receiving homemade gifts on this special day. Children grow so quickly, and Mom will treasure a gift with her child's handprint for years to come. Create a priceless memory and attach a simple poem to ensure this Mother’s Day will be unforgettable.


Fold a piece of paper or cardstock in half to create a simple Mother’s Day card. Let the child decorate the front of the card with crayons, markers, glitter and stickers. Open the card, cover the child's hand in finger paint, and press it firmly onto the left side of the card. Draw a stem with green crayon and press her fingerprints onto the page in a circular pattern to create the shape of a flower; use green thumbprints for leaves. On the right side, allow the child to write a poem.

Shirt or Apron

Purchase a white cotton shirt or apron, iron and fabric paints in a variety of colors. Place a large piece of cardboard inside the shirt or under the apron, directly beneath the surface you intend to paint. This will keep the paint from bleeding onto the back of the shirt or onto your work surface. Cover the child's palm and fingers with fabric paint, and then press his hand firmly onto the fabric. One child may do several handprints, or several children could do this together. Print a poem onto iron-on transfer paper and iron it onto the back of the shirt or the bottom of the apron.

Handprint Flowers

Purchase a small flower pot with floral foam, colored paper, ceramic paints and drinking straws or floral wire. Have your child write her name and the year on the flower pot and decorate it however she likes. Include a Mother’s Day poem on the back if you wish, or write it on a card to include with the gift. Trace the child's hand several times onto different colored pieces of paper. Cut out the hand prints, let your child color and decorate them as she likes, and then glue them to the ends of the drinking straws or floral wire. Insert the opposite end of the wire into the floral foam and arrange your hand print "flowers" to make a beautiful centerpiece.

Clay Ornament

Flatten a piece of polymer clay with a rolling pin until it is about 1/4 inch thick and cut it into a circle using a cookie cutter. Work quickly; polymer clay hardens as it cools. Press the child's hand firmly into the clay to make a hand print impression. Attach a small eye screw or a hook into the top of the ornament and bake the ornament according to the package directions. Let your child paint the ornament with acrylic paints when it is completely cool, and then allow the ornament to dry. Write the child's name and the year on the back with permanent marker and attach a ribbon through the eye screw or hook to hang the ornament. Print a poem in a pretty font on cardstock and attach it to the ribbon.