Mother's Day Christian Crafts

Mother's Day is an important holiday among many religious faiths, especially the Christian faith. Sunday school teachers often aid students in creating memorable Mother's Day crafts for children to present as heartwarming gifts to their mothers after Sunday school. This way every mother receives a touching, meaningful and spiritual gift from her child whether her child could afford or had the innovation to make her one himself. There are a variety of Christian Mother's Day crafts available to Sunday schools teachers wishing to present their students with crafts that their mothers will adore.

Painted Angels

Purchase several miniature craft angel figurines, which can be found at most dollar stores. You may purchase standing angels, sitting angels, kneeling angels and angels in other positions as well. These angels are primarily white and plain as they are designed for decoration and embellishment. Have children select an angel to design for their mother and paint it will craft paint. Ideal craft paint colors for Mother's Day angels are clear glitter, pearly white, opaque and silver metallic. Pure, angelic colors should be the theme. After the paint is dry, tie a ribbon of any color around the statue's necks. Pink, white and baby blue all complement angels nicely.

Doily Craft

Have children create Christian Mother's Day doilies. Simply purchase enough round doilies for each child in your Sunday school class, preferably 10-inch dollies. Instruct students to write a Bible verse or biblical Mother's Day poem on their dollies and then utilize markers, glitter and other decorations to decorate their dollies. They may do all of this on a piece of construction paper if they wish and then cut out and glue the construction papers to their dollies to ensure precision.

Spoonful of Love

This craft is particularly original and one that most mothers will simply love. Have students cut a heart out of a piece of construction paper and write a biblical verse, message or poem on the heart. Punch a hole in the top of the heart, which will be used to tie the note to the spoon. Decorate wooden spoons with either markers or paint. Students can add glitter to their spoons if they wish. Wrap a square of netting material around the head of the spoon, bringing it up and over the spoon. Thread a ribbon or length of lace through the punched hole of the heart, and then tie the ribbon or lace around the netting to hold it in place about the spoon. Add silk flowers for further adornment if you wish.

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