Money Gift Ideas for a Wedding Shower

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Sometimes a bride and groom can use a little help, especially in today’s economy. A money gift is a nice way to allow friends and family to contribute. Avoid mentioning money-centered gifts in shower invitations. According to the Amazing Bridal Showers website, the best way to let people know that the couple would prefer cash gifts is by word of mouth. Guests should be aware of the gift but not feel obligated to give in that way if they would rather give a different type of gift.

Wishing Well

Cardboard wedding wishing wells come in a variety of shapes and colors and are available from most wedding supply stores. You can find wooden wishing wells at some florists and garden supply stores. You can create a homemade wishing well by gluing a decorated sheet of cardboard to the top of a basket handle and twining flowers or ribbon around it. Provide sheets of paper for guests who would like to write blessings or advice for the happy couple.

Dream Tree

This is a nice alternative to the traditional money tree that still gives the option of monetary gifts. Find a sturdy tree branch that is a nice shape and has several small branches. Spray paint the branch white or one of the wedding colors. Place the branch upright in a flower pot that you have covered with fabric or wedding paper. Hold in place with rocks or florist foam. Clip clothespins to the branches so that people can clip bills, blessings or advice to the tree.


Create a clothesline on one wall with twine and thumbtacks. Print out “C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S” on sheets of paper, one letter to a paper. Hang from the cothesline with clothespins. Add extra clothespins for people to clip money, blessings or advice. Other items that can be hung from the line include cards and gift cards.

Vase of “Flowers”

Purchase several wire stakes with clips at the end. Place these in a pretty vase with a bow tied around it. Stabilize them with decorative glass stones or marbles. If you wish, you can wrap the stakes with green florist’s tape to make them look more like stems. Place a few photos of the happy couple on some of the stakes. Provide floral pattern envelopes so that guests can place money inside. Purchase a notepad that is shaped like a flower for guests to write down their wishes and advice.

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