A Menu for a Women's Brunch

by Susan Lundman ; Updated November 01, 2017

Ideas to Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Creamy scrambled eggs, with or without cream cheese, a ham and cheese strata or heuvos rancheros all work well for a ladies brunch menu. But you can also add drama and interest to the brunch dishes for your women friends and relatives by incorporating new brunch ideas, such as ethnic dishes and unusual ingredients. These selections add excitement not only to the menu but to the brunch itself.


  • Turn brunch with your women friends into a special occasion with world-cuisine-inspired dishes, unusual ingredients and popular food trends.

Breakfast Bowls

It's easy to transform trendy, fun lunch- and dinner-in-a bowls into brunch bowls. As long as you top the ingredients with a poached or fried egg, the bowl will have a brunch-y feel. Experiment with different combinations, such as brown rice, sauteed kale, sliced avocados and roasted sweet potatoes. Or go with protein-rich quinoa, sliced avocados, cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon. For your health-conscious friends, make scotch oatmeal bowls with toasted almonds, fresh blueberries and raspberries, and shredded coconut.

Asian-Inspired Ideas

Asian-style ingredients give new life to traditional brunch menus. For example, substitute the ham and asparagus in eggs Benedict with grilled shrimp and green onions, or make a breakfast bowl with fried rice, shiitake mushrooms and freshly grated ginger. Other Asian ingredients to add to traditional brunch fare include mango, Thai basil and lime juice in a fruit salad; peanuts and cilantro for a noodle breakfast bowl; coconut milk and ginger in muffins and pancakes.

Head South

If you don't live in the American South, treat your women friends to a taste of down home cookin' by serving Southern cuisine specialties. Begin with a special brunch cocktail, and proceed to pancakes made with grits and accompanied by smoked salmon or country ham. You can also use grits in a sausage and grits quiche, or use the grain as the basis for a Southern breakfast bowl served with biscuits and smoked pimento cheese. Fried chicken served with waffles, with fresh Georgia peaches on the side, also calls the South to mind.

Breakfast Casseroles With New Ingredients

If you jazz up a breakfast casserole, also called a strata, it rises to the level of an exceptional dish for your brunch. Use eggnog in place of milk, or substitute brioche for regular bread. Enliven either breakfast strata with lemon zest, and serve it with fresh raspberries on the side. Or use fruit in your casserole, such as pears or figs, and pair them with a more unusual and flavorful cheese beyond cheddar, such as Gruyere or brie.


  • Don't forget special drinks for a memorable brunch. Go with traditional brunch beverages such as mimosas, bellinis, mint juleps and bloody Marys, or opt for more trendy specialties such as green smoothies made with kale, chai tea or coffee, or frose – frozen rose wine drinks.

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