Memorial Tribute Ideas

Losing a loved one is an experience that everyone undergoes and it's never easy. Memorial tributes give you a way to remember the person you lost. Planning the tribute forces you to focus on a new idea while still keeping the person in your mind. Memorial tribute ideas give you a way to grieve and come to grips with your loss, but also remember the person who meant so much to you.

Memorial Bench

Erect a memorial bench in a location that the deceased loved. Memorial benches are often found at schools, public gardens, public parks and even golf courses. The benches often feature plaques that shows the deceased's name and may also have room for the date of death and other information. Every time someone sees the bench, they'll read the name of your lost loved one.

Website Memorial

A website memorial is a permanent way to remember a deceased loved one and it reaches across the globe. Friends and family members in foreign countries still have the chance to remember the individual. Create a website full of photographs, videos and other details about the individual. Ask friends and family to donate videos and pictures to cover all areas of the person's life. Include a guestbook that lets others express their feelings and share memories.

Charity Event

Host a charity event that raises money for something of interest to the deceased. It might be the medical condition that caused his or her death, a charity that helps injured animals or a local battered woman's shelter. Charity events may take the form of bake sales, car washes, charity auctions, musical performances, marathons and other events that raise money for the charity. Ask others in the community to volunteer their time and services to make the memorial event a success.

College Memorials

If the individual attended college at a specific university, talk to the school about a memorial for that person. Many schools offer memorial tributes for alumni, but the size and type depends on the school. Oklahoma Christian University, for example, offers a brick memorial program. When you donate money to the school, it adds a memorial brick to the college campus. Essentially you sponsor a new or existing room at the school. The name of the deceased appears on the brick, along with your name as the sponsor. Check with other schools about similar memorial tribute programs.