Marshmallow Peep Art Projects

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Although a marshmallow chick had already been invented by the Rodda Company, the Just Born company developed a way to mass-produce this soft, fluffy treat. The marshmallow chicks named Peeps quickly became a favorite of consumers. Peeps were transformed throughout the years and now are available in many shapes for different holidays. Marshmallow Peeps work well for art projects, as they harden somewhat with prolonged exposure to air, allowing the crafts to last longer.

Holiday Candy Jar Topper

Create a candy jar for any holiday, either for personal use or as an unusual gift. Use a canning jar with lid or a purchased candy jar of the desired size. Use craft glue to attach one or more Peeps for the holiday or season you intend the candy jar to be used for. Examples are Halloween ghosts or pumpkins, Christmas reindeer or gingerbread men, winter snowmen, Valentine hearts, Easter chicks or bunnies. Peeps also come in animal shapes like bears and cats. Fill the candy jar with seasonal candies.

Carousel Party Decoration

Use a small Lazy Susan, like the type that holds spices or small items. On the spinning tray, hot glue some sturdy straws or bamboo skewers so that they stand upright. Space these a few inches apart. Push the desired Peeps, according to holiday or party theme, onto and halfway down the straws or skewers. Glue a decorated, seasonal paper plate onto the top of each straw or skewer. Make sure the decorated side of the plate is facing upward. Party guests will enjoy spinning the carousel decoration.

Seasonal Centerpieces

Glue eight reindeer Peeps onto a piece of cardboard. Place the reindeer in front of a sleigh for a Christmas centerpiece. Surround a small craft-sized bail of straw with Halloween ghosts and pumpkins. Fill an Easter basket with chicks and bunnies, along with Easter grass. Make a heart bouquet by pushing heart shaped Peeps onto plastic greenery from a flower department, then place them in a vase. Any of the centerpiece ideas can be turned into "edible" centerpieces by wrapping the Peeps in plastic wrap before displaying. Any holiday or seasonal Peeps can also top a cake and be displayed as a centerpiece for a party.

Ornaments and Garlands

Decorate for any holiday with Peeps ornaments or garlands. Let the marshmallow shapes sit out to become stiff. Push a chenille stem through the candy from the bottom to the top. Bend the stem at the bottom to keep the candy from slipping off. Bend the top of the stem to form a hanger for a tree. For a garland, cut straws the width of desired Peeps. Push a straw piece through each marshmallow candy. Thread plastic lacing or holiday ribbon through the straws. Lace on some colorful beads between each Peeps as spacers and further decoration.